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In the first three years of your child’s life, he/she will go though some incredible developmental stages.  Observing an Infant’s journey through these stages never ceases to amaze me.  We’re looking forward to joining you and your child’s amazing journey and growth.

  • Parent involvement
  • Payment/Fees/Tuition
  • Enrollment
  • Immunizations
  • Releasing children according to custody agreement
  • Supervision and child guidance
  • Emergency, serious illness or injury

We expect parents to be partners in their children’s care and encourage parents to volunteer for field trips, activities, birthday parties etc. whenever possible. We know parents are busy, and it is difficult to always find time to talk, but daily communication helps me to better meet your needs and the needs of your child. We meet individually with parents on a regular basis to discuss their child’s progress, share observations and work together to set individual goals and objectives for each child.

Families paying private pay rate will be required to make payments every Friday for the upcoming week that childcare will be provided. If payment is delinquent, a $5.00 daily fee will be added for each day your account is delinquent. No service will be provided after a 5-day period which the payment is late. A full-time rate is required when your child has attended childcare for 25 hours per week regardless of any sick days. If you have applied for subsidized fee of $50.00 per week per family. If fees are not paid in a timely manner, your child will be disenrolled, and all fees will need to be paid before reenrollment.

Teeny tots will not charge an application fee. Parents will receive an enrollment packet at the end of the tour. All paperwork is required for admission to be reviewed. Your child will be enrolled in the program only after is has been confirmed that we have space available, and the required paperwork has been received. This includes basic enrollment and health information and the child’s medical statement signed by the physician or certified nurse practitioner, and all food program paperwork.

For the safety of all children and staff, all children must have their up to date vaccinations. A child MAY be exempt from the immunization requirement for religious reasons upon filing a written request with the center, and for medical reasons upon filing a request signed by a licensed physician.

We at teeny tots’ childcare do recognizes the importance of both parents in a child’s life. We will provide service to both parents of an enrolled child, thereby complying with the legal rights of each parent to be involved in our program. Court ordered visitations schedules, and/or restraining orders will be enforced. Please provide the administrator with the custody papers. We will not take sides during custody disagreement also once a parent provides the center with a order of protection unfortunately that parent will no longer be able to pick child up with out written consent.

1. No child shall be left alone unsupervised. All children will be visible supervised by staff members, including nap time. If a child becomes ill, they will be isolated in a section of the room not being used. But always within sight and hearing of the staff.
2. The school agers will be allowed to run errands inside of the center.
3. They can use the restroom.
4. If your child is suspended from school your child will not be able to attend childcare during normal school hours.
5. If your child is removed from the program due to any behavior issues. Staff members and the parent will set up a meeting to address any issues and concerns, so we both come up with an agreement on what methods to transition the child back into the program.
6. Teeny tots will make sure all parents or guardians of the children enrolled receive a copy of the safety policy.
7. Staff members will always take a name to face attendance during any type of transitioning.

Teeny tots have devised several procedures to follow in any event of an emergency that could occur. In the event of a fire or tornado, staff members will follow written instructions posted in the center. Describing our evacuation routes and the procedures to be followed to assure that all children arrive to the designated spot safe. Staff will always have children’s emergency contact information which will allows us contact information for each child enrolled. Attendance chart, name to face count. The center will conduct monthly evacuation drills for fire, and tornado which will be logged and posted in the center.

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